Stop Struggling to Grow An Engaged, Profitable Audience Online. Become the #1 Expert in Your Niche, Automate Your Growth, Lead Gen, & PROFIT!
Dear future leader - 

Has imposter syndrome held you back from getting the new level of clients, confidence, and cashflow you’ve craved for years?
Do you know you have talents and unique gifts to bring to the world - but there’s a voice in your head that keeps you up at night and says “you’re not good enough”... 

Can’t find the right message, for the right offer, for the right market, and your bank account reflects that? 

The puzzle pieces have been misaligned for far too long - and you know you deserve MORE!

Would you agree? Or are you okay with staying in your comfort zone, getting the same level of result over and over again? 

Or even worse - backsliding on your previous success…

If you’re ready for MORE, keep reading… 
Times are changing FAST. “We’ve always done it this way” isn’t going to cut it anymore is it?

With all the economic turmoil, uncertainty, and scrambling that people all over the world are experiencing - they need to be LED now more than ever. 

This challenge is NOT for everyone. Are you ready to step up as the leader they need? 

Become well respected, well paid, and more fulfilled with your work as you grow a community? 

Chances are - you’ve attempted building a community in the past and here’s what happened: 

Are you sick of feeling invisible while the competition blows by you online?
I’ve been there. 
You’re sick of feeling like you’re at the whim of some social media algorithm for visibility and engagement. 

You’re tired of being STUCK in a constant cycle of “content or die” - even when you don’t have time to create (or when you have no idea what to say)!

And you know that if you could just find a way to: 
✅grow your audience (without slaving over it)
✅keep them engaged (without killing your self-esteem or spending too much energy on it along the way)
✅and turn those audience members into raving BUYERS 

You’ll finally be able to shatter through your sales goals, just like Danny:
So what’s the fix to get your dream clients, boost your confidence, and get steadily growing cashflow? 

Hands down - by building a highly engaged Facebook group & list of raving fans.

Don’t get me wrong…

There are plenty of people using plenty of methods to stand out online and make plenty of money. 

But aren’t you sick of each of those methods costing you your mental health, way too much time, and sanity to boot?

(Especially since most of them don’t work very well or suit your style).

Something’s got to give. 

Especially when there’s a tried & true method thousands of coaches, course creators, and service providers are using to create sustainable income growth with a raving community who buys from them over, and over, and over again.
How much time are you spending: 
  • Struggling to build an audience to begin with, let alone…
  • ​ Killing yourself over turning those followers into buyers who don’t just eat up your free content and ghost when you make an offer
  • ​Second-guessing if you’re even posting the right thing that your audience wants to engage with or buy from 
  • ​Wondering why social media seems to work for everyone else, EXCEPT you
  • ​Spending way too much time creating content or stressing about the fact that you don’t have that much time to spend on it to begin with
Let me be clear, this is NOT how you should be spending your time. 

Don’t get me wrong…

There are plenty of people using plenty of methods to stand out online and make plenty of money. 

But aren’t you sick of each of those methods costing you your mental health, way too much time, and sanity to boot?

(Especially since most of them don’t work very well or suit your style).

Something’s got to give. 

Especially when there’s a tried & true method thousands of coaches, course creators, and service providers are using to create sustainable income growth with a raving community who buys from them over, and over, and over again.
Luckily, when you have a Facebook Group and you’re running it the right way, every single one of these problems goes away for good. 

You should be spending your time building profit machines in your business that run while you’re sleeping, and watching the cash and impact come in day after day even when you’re working on other stuff - or exercising the freedom that it buys you!

And Facebook Groups can get you exactly that.

Here’s the thing about Facebook groups: 

Like anything worth building - they take time and effort to hit a TIPPING POINT where it becomes worth it. 

If you create content, funnels, and go live to a 100 person group all the time, you’re going to burn yourself out and quit within a couple months because the results just aren’t there financially… 

But if you had 1,000+ members - that SAME effort put into building it now provides 10X+ the results.

THAT’S the “leverage” we’re looking to build as we grow our audiences right? 

1 fb post > 100 people VS 1 fb post to 1,000 people takes the same amount of time to write.

So when you can confidently pursue the “Tipping Point” of 1,000+ members as quick as possible - you know it’s only uphill from there and you have a pathway to growth, clients, and opportunities like you’ve never imagined… 

Honestly - most people who try to build a group get stuck under 1,000 members, let it sit idle, don’t make many sales from it, then it dies out. 

But what if you could skip that whole “sit idle and die out” phase and jump straight to getting sales and tons of engagement? 

When you build your group to be a lead generating profit machine - you don’t quit.

In fact - when the results start rolling in, you put MORE attention on the group and the marketing around that.

Guess what happens then?

Yep, the community improves, you get more leads, you tighten up your funnel, and become a lot more confident. 

Guess what happens after that? 

Exponential group growth and sales is a common side effect of leaning into building the group! 
But Let’s Be Real
This Isn’t The First Time You’ve Heard About Magical Facebook Group Systems. But Running a Facebook Group Has NOT Been the Answer for You So Far, Has it?
Every time you’ve tried the “standard” best practices of running a group in the past, one of these things happen: 
  • You burn out because you don’t have enough time 
  • ​You and your mods are the only ones posting on the wall or commenting 
  • ​Even if your group is highly engaged, it’s just NOT producing consistent sales for your business
Or if you haven’t tried, you look at Facebook Group ownership and think: 
  • “That’s SO time consuming, I can’t” 
  • ​“I don’t think I have what it takes. I’m not a top influencer yet.” 
  • ​“I have no idea how to consistently engage a group”
  • ​“How will I get them to buy?”
Sound about right?

I’ve helped others in your shoes many times before. 
What if I told you there IS a way to run a Facebook Group that works as a community building & monetizing MACHINE (that works without you) - and that it just required a process that’s outside of the “Group Owner” Norm?
Look, there are two types of course creators, coaches, & service providers trying to make it on the internet. 
And even though these people are selling different things, I’ve learned that they’re all suffering from the same struggles or celebrating the same wins. 

Type #1 is waking up on the 25th of every month wondering where that next sale is going to come from that will pay their bills on the 1st.

They want to raise their prices but get shot down time and again by freebie seekers and price shoppers. 

They’re trying the “next best” trendy marketing solution and are still licking their wounds after getting crickets again and again. 

Type one is resorting to cold calling & outreach when times get desperate. 

Or worse, desperate and salesy social media posts that just totally flop.

They’re going into discovery calls thinking “I’m going to charge $3,000 this time” and settling for half of that because they “need the money”.

Then of course those clients who demand a discount also demand way too much work and for you to handle way too many headaches for way little respect in return to make up for the “sweet deal”.

They’re suffering from hot & cold income streaks and are riddled with anxiety due to lack of consistent income.

Why does this happen?

Because the marketing world is like the fitness world, frankly. Full of “fads” that promise you fast solutions. But after that quick spike, you’re back to where you started. 

So how is this different from another trendy fad? Building a FB group the right way is rooted in timeless principles like list building, engaging with the audience, doing research, and making offers. Overall - it’s a pretty simple concept wouldn’t you agree? 

But HOW you get the group growing fast, engaged, and turning into sales - that’s where the secret sauce comes in… (I’ll reveal more on that soon)

But let’s talk about Type #2:

They’re growing real communities of real followers who are actually happy to pay for their services. 

They aren’t second guessing what to say in their content or how to say it, and the audience shows up with heart reacts AND cash-in-hand every time they ask for it. 

They have systems and automations in place to make sure they only have to write the pitch or make the video once, and it makes them money over, and over, and over again. 

They know how to keep that community growing on autopilot so they have a constant influx of new buyers. 

AND they know how to make offers their audience really WANTS to even keep the existing customers buying again and again. 

Type #2, in a nutshell, goes to bed at night relieved thinking, “man, I made $5k today from ONE post I whipped up in 10 minutes”

And no, that’s NOT an exaggeration: 

Still, the question is….
Why are most people stuck being Type #1?
Because they haven’t learned my methods for growing a community that will pay you over and over again, forever. 
If you’re wondering, “Who the hell IS this guy?”

I’m Arne Giske.
And simply put, you should trust me because I’ve been helping course creators, coaches, and service providers grow raving, PAYING audiences over.…
And over 
And over again
After multiple failed Facebook Groups myself and going through all of the income & yo-yo marketing struggles you’re going through now, I finally cracked the code. 

3 years ago I started my flagship group the Millennial Entrepreneur Community, grew it to 1,000 members, and it took off from there to over 78,000. I learned a ton, and decided to help other people do the same!

Other media channels picked up on what I was doing, the community I was growing, and the impact I was making and started to reach out:

As we kept training entrepreneurs in all types of niches, people started to take note - 

and I was grateful to train on stages worldwide such as Dan Henry's Adcon, the Digital Nomad Accelerator event in Barcelona, even to a packed out event with over 100 people there JUST for my talk on "How to grow & monetize a group"! 
Dan Henry's Adcon
Digital Nomad Accelerator
Since then I’ve helped over 30,000 people just like you reach new heights with their business by growing real communities and turning them into PROFIT MACHINES. 

 ALL from using the methods in...
Groups for Profit 
"Grow A Profitable Online Community"
And great news, IT’S UPGRADED for 2020 and beyond!
Groups for Profit is designed to help YOU:
  • Stay away from growing a dead list of followers that don’t engage, or don’t buy
  • ​Max out your profits on your courses
  • ​FILL your pipeline and drive a waitlist for services, including coaching
  • ​Generate a REAL impact and become a go-to authority in your space 
  • ​Generate an energy within your community where everyone RAVES about you (even on the days you feel like you’re not really trying - because we all need breaks, right?)
But that’s not all...
How Will Groups for Profit - Upgraded Help You? By Walking You Through Group Growth to Profit MACHINE system, Step-By-Step.
Here’s what you’ll get: 
Module 1: Group Mistakes 101
There are a lot of group owners making some “hidden” mistakes and then wondering why they’re the only person posting on their wall, or why their audience isn’t buying. 

Let’s start with making sure your group ISN’T a waste of time. So that whether you’re trying to start right, or turn your existing group around, you can get some quick clarity and wins in the first module alone.
Module 2: Engagement Blitz Branding
This is NOT your typical branding module that only focuses on looks. This is about results. 

You don’t want to attract the wrong members who don’t buy, don’t engage, or worse - eat up and DEMAND more and more free shit from you without ever paying it back.

Which is why I’m going to show you exactly how to brand your group to win so you attract the RIGHT members and get them to start engaging on autopilot, not spend a bunch of time looking pretty just to get crickets.
Module 3: 15-Minute Content Creation Hacks
I’m going to show you how to automate about 80% of the day to day needs of your group, but you still have to create content as a group owner.

But it does NOT have to take forever. I’m going to show you how to know EXACTLY what to say to your group and give you some quick & easy frameworks that are so damn easy you’ll have a promo post up before you get off the toilet. 😂💪
Module 4 (UPGRADED): Auto-Engagement & Monetization
You don’t want to be glued to your phone all day or spend the day hunting for the next sale. Me either. And you sure as hell don’t want to be a car salesman type of group owner that’s too frantic for money to actually provide value. 

So I’m going to hand you an arsenal of automation strategies, templates, and frameworks that have generated me 7-figures in revenue from my group. Just plug them in and turn them on.
Module 5: Group Hyper-Growth
I didn’t get to a 75k+ member group without acquiring few tricks and hacks along the way. And I didn’t grow a super-niche group to 1k members within a month without knowing some things. 

 If you want to grow your group fast even when you have a bunch of other stuff you need to focus on, this is the module for you. 

It’s about 3 things: 
  • Plugging as many “hoses” in your group as possible to “fill up the pool” quickly. 
  • ​My signature Group Growth Challenge you can do to get your first (or next) 1,000 members in no time flat if you really want to focus.
  • ​Automating your group growth so you can rest easy while members keep joining even when you have other things to do
Module 6: Comments to Cash
What DO you post to turn your members into buyers? And how do you do it without being salesy or pitching all the time? This is how. 
Take the simple and quick post frameworks I give you, and use them to blast your offers through the shackles of the Facebook Algorithm so every member sees it, and asks for YOUR permission to buy.

Oh, and I show you how to create offers that sell in the first place. So you can KNOW your group will respond. 
The main modules alone are EASILY worth $5,000 considering people who take the steps make that back within a month, but there’s more...
Bonus #1: 1-Hour Troubleshooter ($997 Value)
Uncover The Truth About Why Your Audience Isn’t Responding With My Group Audit System. People have paid me thousands to tell them what’s wrong with their group. I have a system for figuring this out, and you can have it for free to know quickly what the bottleneck is in your engagement or sales. 
Bonus #2: The Influencer Interview Pack
($197 Value)
One of the keys to becoming a high-level Influencer with indisputable respect and clout in your industry is by hanging out with other influencers that are bigger than you.

Even when I was a nobody, I figured out early how to systematically score interviews with high-level influencers and invite them to my group when it was still in its infancy. I figured out what to leverage that would buy me their time without actually paying them to show up. 

That helped my group grow, and exploded my personal brand beyond belief.

You get the tricks and tips I learned to make this happen along the way for free!

Bonus #3: Insider Access to The GFP Influencer Community ($5,000 Value)
If you think my free groups provide awesome value, you should see what goes on inside my paid group. It’s full of high-level influencers like Rachel Pedersen, Landon Porter, Maneesh Sethi, and Dan Henry himself in addition to over 600 other group owners.

It’s an inner circle of influencers who are always connecting, networking, sharing strategies, SWAPPING group audits to get outsider perspectives from other trained owners, and getting extra training, lessons, and pro-tips from me on a regular basis as I discover new strategies and methods for getting even more results from your group!

Bonus #4: Steal My Funnels ($3000 Value)
I’m going to give you ways to automate engagement and sales in your group, but as an extra bonus I’m going to HAND you the funnels I’ve used to generate 7-figures in my business. 

Not only that, but I’ve been handing them to clients to do the same. So I already know they work across the board - not just for my stuff: 
Bonus #5: Course Launch Profits Pack
($3,000 Value)
I’m going to give you ways to automate eCourse launches are tricky for most people. They spend all this time planning, prepping, creating the content, just for a flop? But not you. I’ve generated 7-figures in course launches just this year for CLIENTS, in addition to my own over the past few years. Pulling off 5 and 6-figure launches consistently. 
And you get the rundown here with case studies, the irrefutable laws of successful launches, and the insider scoop on some MAJOR mistakes I made along the way. 
But This ALL Goes Away Very, Very Soon! 
And here’s the thing…
Everything in Groups for Profit UPGRADED is obviously incredibly powerful when you put it to use. 

But what happens if you skip out on this opportunity?

Where will you be next year?

Still wondering where that next client or sale is going to come from?

Still waiting for your “big break” and wondering why it’s happening for everyone else and NOT you?

Still telling your family and friends you’re “so close” to figuring it out. You know you’re onto something - and feeling your heart sink when they just smile politely or worse - tell you maybe it’s time to give up?

STILL not knowing how to grow, engage, and monetize an audience that will stick with you for YEARS so you NEVER have to stress about making money in your business again?
And what happens if you do take advantage of this limited time steal on Groups for Profit?
Most likely, the same thing that’s happened with so many of my other students: 

⭐ You rest easy KNOWING your business is making money 

⭐ You rest easy KNOWING you have a bunch of engaged, raving leads just waiting for you to make the offer 

⭐ You rest easy KNOWING how to grow that audience at any time 

⭐ You rest easy KNOWING engagement and money are coming because you’ve set up the systems to handle it - so you get to take care of other stuff when you need to
What would this kind of experience be worth to you:
I ask because Groups for Profit is designed to get you exactly that, and you start seeing results as soon as you take the steps in the first module!

Now, I help people with Groups & launches in a few different ways:

My agency clients are paying high 5 figures for me to help implement the methods you learn in this program. 

My coaching clients are paying $5,000+ to get this kind of advice from me and my team on a personal level.

And normally, the program is priced at $997. 

But, since COVID-19 hit all of our businesses & finances in different ways, I wanted to make this program priced within reach to ANYONE who wants to grow/monetize their group.

So for a limited time - you can get an entire 52% OFF the program AND pay it off in 5 installments!

 ONLY $485 TOTAL - 5 X $97 per month!

One more time, here’s what you get:

Groups for Profit Program (Total Value - $5,000 value): Which will walk you through the system for running a highly engaged profit MACHINE of a group.

Bonus #1: 1-Hour Troubleshooter (Total Value - $997 value): Which will show you exactly what’s putting a halt on your group engagement, growth and sales.

Bonus #2: Influencer Interview Pack (Total Value - $197 value): Gives you the hacks & tricks to get high-level influencers into your group even if you’re just getting started 

Bonus #3: Insider Access to the GFP Influencer Community (Total Value - $5,000 value): To strategize and network with other high-level group owners AND get exclusive ongoing training from me regularly as you continue to grow and monetize

Bonus #4: Steal My Funnels (Total Value - $3,000 value): Plug & play funnels for whatever you’re selling to automate and MAXIMIZE the number of group members that turn into BUYERS 

Bonus #5: Course Launch Profits Pack (Total Value - $3,000 value): So you never have to spend your time prepping a launch just to watch it flop in your face

At a total value of $18,191
But you only pay $485 for all of this if you join right now!

Still, I know that $485 isn’t pocket change. 

But let me ask you:

If ALL this did was give you a few hundred targeted leads that are ready to pay, and show you how to make the right offer to them over and over again, would it be worth it?

If ALL this did was help you run your first successful course launch and finally have that “click” moment to know how to do it again without the struggle or guesswork, would it be worth it?

If ALL this did was get you your first high-ticket client because you’re finally attracting leads who WANT to value your time and services, would it be worth it?

And if ALL this did was show you how to automate the key portions of your branding & marketing machine, would it be worth it?

I think so. So in the grand scheme of things, $485 isn’t much to pay to change your life.


  • ​If ALL this did was help you get 1-3 new clients a month like Tandy, would it be worth it?
Tandy Caraway
"I had to stop taking clients at one point for a while because my calendar was so full."
  • ​If ALL this did was help you get 100+ new free HOT leads a month like Jake, would it be worth it?
  • ​If ALL this did was help you stand out in your industry and get new opportunities like Annabell, would it be worth it?
Annabell Beckwith
"This could be the difference between being stuck on the rat race treadmill and having somebody else deciding your financial future or working to a different business paradigm and setting your own goals and defining your own way forward."
  • ​If ALL this did was build your group email list to 1,000+ targeted people FAST just like Matt, would it be worth it?
  • If ALL this did was help you create your first digital product so you can sell it on autopilot every week like would it be worth it? 
  • If ALL this did was help you put in new marketing automation systems to save time so you can focus on other areas of your business WHILE making sales, would it be worth it?
  • If ALL this did was boost your sales enough so that you’ve never worried about cash flow, overhead, and taking care of your family, would it be worth it?
Jena Castro-Casbon
"I am consistently hitting around 5 figures monthly from a very small niche, thanks to Arne!"
See What My Other Students & Clients Have to Say
JR Rivas
"If you dont have a Facebook group, no matter what you're doing right now, you are leaving money on the table." EDIT: Now he's over 13,000 members!
Landon Porter
"Got the course. Went through it. Started our group, and within 60 days we've built it up over about 2,200 members." EDIT: Now they're over 15,000 members!
Jeff Miller
0 > 6,000 members in 2 months and NOW over 21,000 members, with over 200 new customers & six figures in new revenue generated!
Sema Erzouki
"It helped position me as an Authority in my Industry." Now she's got over 3,000 members and a $10k/mo agency!
Beth Griffith
"If you are somebody building an empire as opposed to just making a few bucks, then you desperately need this course in your life!"
Kyle Goldie
"It revolutionized the way I drive in leads into my business without spending a single penny."
Myr Bacun
Grew to over 4,000 members & generated 6 figures in sales!
Mitchell Weijerman
"He really made a science of running a Facebook group." Grew his group to 18k members in 6 months!! 
Tina Sibley
"It's one of the best courses I've ever invested in."
Sylvania Harrod
His FB Group added an additional 5 figures in revenue monthly & unlocked huge opportunities!
Matt Staton
Generated over $20,000 from his group in its first two months!
Ben Malol
Grew his group to over 48,000 members!!
"Its so amazing that anyone can take it for their own use, no matter the niche they are, and its actually going to work phenominal for them"
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